Friday, August 12, 2016


On another day, we went with Krabi Baptist pastor, Ajohn Dusit, to Khao Phanom to see the people we used to evangelize and disciple.   Some people, whom we discipled, have moved to other provinces. We were sad not to be able to see if their faith had remained strong.  However, of those remaining, we were excited to see how their faith was growing.  One family is starting a new business making a smokeless charcoal from coconut hulls.  The father, named Oh, proudly showed us the pits he had dug to burn the hulls in among his rubber trees.  He then uses the smaller pieces and ashes to make the smokeless charcoal which he sells online.  God has blessed this family as they faithfully help the other believers in the area travel to worship services, especially in the rainy season.  This family also allows Khao Phanom Baptist Church to use their home in town to worship on Sundays.

El, whom God miraculously healed
Another lady, Branee, who believed and we discipled 6 years ago, has led her husband to accept Christ. Praise God!!!  She faithfully witnesses to others who will listen among her neighbors.  The last lady is named El. When we drove up to her house, Branee ran to tell El that Richard and I had come.  El dropped what she was holding, and with tears in her eyes ran to hug us.  We were delighted to see her walk and run.  When we had first met El 8 years ago, she was paralyzed from her waist down.  At that time, she sat and slept on a platform 24 hours a day. Neighbors would bring her food and water to eat and drink. As she began studying the Bible, we could see evidence of God beginning to heal her. The last time we saw her, she struggled to walk.  It was a true delight to see how God had healed her completely! El gives full credit to God for her ability to walk.  Please pray that God will bring more people to faith in Khao Phanom and a full-time leader be found to disciple and bring more Thais into God's kingdom.

Krabi Baptist

Worship at Krabi Baptist
Last Sunday morning the pastor of the church, Ajohn Dusit, picked us up to take us to church.  At the church we were informed that we would sing a song during the testimony time.  Boy was this a surprise since neither of us are known for our vocal abilities. To be honest, we were scared!  A song was chosen for us to sing and we went over the Thai words together.  One of the young men of the church helped us sing - he also played the guitar for us.  God gave us a calm spirit just before singing and people even clapped when we finished. 

When it came time for Richard to preach, I was told that I would translate for the 2 western people, who came to worship.  Richard did a good job preaching from the Old Testament. He had the congregation laughing by the questions and statements that he made in the sermon.  He talked on the subject of the bold servants in Naaman's life and the prophet Elisha from 2 Kings, Chapter 5.  His single point was that God can use you no matter what your position in life to lead others to God.

After the worship service, we were treated like movie stars.  Many Thai friends wanted to have their pictures taken with us.  One girl traveled 2 1/2 hours from another province to hear Richard preach and to see us.  We toured the new studio of the church's radio station too.  Some of you contributed to buying a new tower for the radio station.  Praise God that 1 family has believed and another Christian family are now coming to worship at the church because of the new tower reaching a greater audience.  Thank you for giving!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Country Side Bible Study

After the English Camp, we went to have a cell group meeting with a daughter and mother near the school where we had just taught.  These 2 ladies have been Christians for some time. However, they live about 45 minutes from the nearest church. If they were to go by car, they would have to travel over pothole-laden roads.  Therefore, missionaries Ross and Shirley meet monthly with the group. The Bible study began with enthusiastic singing and a time of praise. Later an 11-year-old girl rode up on her bike and joined the group.  Her nickname was Bang. She wanted to study with us.  Her mother was a Christian, but had to work to help keep the family from being in debt.  The girl worked too, but wanted to come and study the Bible.  We talked about worship and why it was important to meet together regularly.  We were surprised at how thoughtful the young girl’s answers were to questions in the lesson. She even volunteered to expand on the answers given by others in the group. Quite remarkable for an 11 year old! Praise God for Bang and her desire to follow God.  Pray that Bang’s step-father will also be convicted to follow Jesus and they can all worship God together.

English Camp at a Country School

We traveled 3 hours to Korat and stayed in a hotel.  The next morning we drove 1½ hours to a country school which had grades kindergarten through 8th grade.  Two Thai Christians taught at the school.  The rest of the teachers and students were Buddhist. We taught an all day English Camp with the Mackins. But before we began our program, the teachers and children had prepared a traditional Thai dance for us and the kindergarteners also did a special song and dance.  Then we began in earnest to teach them about America.  Over 100 children attended.  

We tried to make the teaching fun and encouraged the students as they attempted to write the answers in English to questions on hand out sheets.  Prizes were given for the person who finished first in each grade.  After lunch, the students came and asked for our autograph as we gave them Captain America stickers.  We participated in 2 Christian skits, one about sin and the other about how Jesus can change your life. Ross concluded the program with a clear presentation of the gospel. The students and teachers all learned something new about America and were very appreciative of our camp. But most importantly, they learned about Jesus. Pray for these children and teachers in the school to believe the gospel message and follow Jesus. 

Somo Shows Interest in Knowing Jesus

Somo (left) with Linda and Shirley
Last week, we went to visit some people who had shown interest in the gospel.  They lived in a community near the town of Panot Nikom, which is about 40 minutes from the town of Bangkla.  The lady we went to see had gone to the doctor in Bangkok.  She had been sick for some time. She tried to improve her health by making merit, basically doing good deeds in hopes of being cured.  Even thought she was not home, her 20-year-old daughter, Somo was there.  The daughter had heard briefly about Jesus from her mother. She wanted to know more.  She said that she had thought about changing religions. Somo had even been searching the Internet for testimonies from Christians.  Missionary Shirley Mackin and Linda taught her a lesson on the birth of Jesus.  She asked some questions about why Jesus had to come. They answered her questions.  Since she was going to drop out of college in order to help her sick mother, Shirley and Ross Mackin said they would be back in a week to teach her again.  Praise God for this young Thai adult who is interested in knowing more about God.  Pray that Somo and her mother will come to know Christ as their savior.